About GEM


African Gender and Media Initiative (GEM) is a cutting edge not for profit organization that works to advance gender equality through research and action on women’s human rights.

GEM began as a research arm and a reservoir of knowledge and information for the African Women and Child Feature Service (AWCFS) media content development but has since grown to a fully fledged registered organization in 2008.

GEM was founded against the background of the need for evidence based programming in women’s human rights work in Kenya. GEM brings together women experts in women’s human rights issues specifically women’s health, sexual and reproductive rights, gender based violence, media, advocacy and research.


Mission : To advance gender equality through research and action on women’s human rights


Priority issues for GEM

GEM believes in the human right of women to control their fertility and sexuality free of coercion and violence.  GEM recognizes women’s rights to reproductive and sexual health as fundamental to women’s health.  We advocate for rights to autonomy and privacy in making sexual and reproductive decisions, as well as the rights to informed consent and confidentiality in relation to health services.

GEM believes that violence against women is a gross human rights violation and fundamental freedoms of women that hamper women’s ability to enjoy those rights and freedoms. GEM works to promote initiatives to end of all forms of discrimination against women and girls in the private and public spheres.
GEM advocates for a wide range of economic justice issues affecting women, including economic empowerment, pay equity and social security reforms.
GEM has embraced electronic communication specifically digital and community radio as a platform for activism to advance gender equality.

How does GEM work?

  1. Research on GEM priority issues on women’s human rights;
  2. Public policy knowledge development on gender equality and women’s empowerment
  3. Capacity building
  4. New media activism