Mention of Petition No.605 of 2014 and 606 of 2014 at the High Court of Kenya in Nairobi

What: Mention to verify whether parties have complied with the court orders issued on 8 May, 2015 in relation to two landmark cases Nairobi High Court Petition No. 605 of 2014 and Nairobi High Court Petition No. 606 of 2014 on forced and coerced sterilization of five women living with HIV.

Who: The cases are about the unlawful and unconstitutional sterilization by way of tubal ligation of five women living with HIV. The women underwent the procedures without their informed consent at various health facilities in Nairobi County. The cases were brought forth by the documented experiences of 40 women living with HIV in a publication by African Gender and Media Initiative Trust (GEM) titled ‘Robbed of Choice’ where the women have narrated their experiences. Enjoined in the cases are various organisations, including: SWK: PAK: GWK: AMM: KELIN: Africa Gender & Media Initiative: Médecins Sans Frontières – France: Pumwani Maternity Hospital:Marie Stopes International: Marura Maternity and Nursing Home: The County Executive Committee Member in charge of Health Services – Nairobi County and The Cabinet Secretary – Ministry of Health, Republic of Kenya.

When: Friday, July 10, 2015 at 0900hrs

Where: High Court of Kenya at Nairobi, Court No. 2 on 3rdFloor, Milimani Law Courts.

PLEASE NOTE: The applicants request that their names and identity should not be disclosed in the media to protect them from further disclosure of their HIV-status.
Petitioner’s court documents,
i. Petition number 605 of 2014
ii. Petition number 606 of 2014

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